UpDate! Hello Weekend’s 21 in 2021 Adventure Challenge is now FREE

Yes, it’s true. 

After some thought we at Hello Weekend decided that the world needs   a reason to explore, expand and experience….and we wanted to help with that.

As you know, our  options are limited due to Covid 19 right now, but there is still plenty you can do-go for a hike-or 21 hikes

Write a short story-or a novel.

Take up scrapbooking

Spend more quality family time.

There are plenty of options you an tailor just for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing your photos on our private Facebbok group.

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Happy New Year!!

Hello Weekend’s 2021 Adventure Challenge

While it may be awhile before we can come together in groups to explore , we can still explore on our own for within our bubble and discover the wonderful adventures we can have. W’re thinking 21 of them, but life may throw a wrench inot that plan… the idea is to try different things, explore new ideas and grow!

Adventures can be big or tiny.  Go on a backpacking trip. Hike a new trail. Take a class. Learn a skill. Organize your photos.  Spend quality time with family. Make a bucket list dream come true. It’s for you to decide. And only you.

Registration for the entire year is only a $10 donation ,  and can be sent as an etransfer to this email Don’t forget to fill out the  form below to register!

Hello Weekend’s Digital Scavenger Hunt!


First, I want to thank everyone working hard and putting themselves at risk so we can get the supplies we need. And thanks to all who are following the ‘rules’ put in place for our own good. We were out for a little drive today and saw people walking along the road in their community. Parking lots we passed for provincial parks and trails were empty, even on a gorgeous spring day like today. it’s all very good.

Since we are currently in a travel moratorium due to Corvid-19, I thought it would be a good opportunity to see how well we actually already know our beautiful province with  a little game.

Twice a week starting today, until the end of April, on Sundays and Wednesdays, I will post  a picture on Hello Weekend’s Facebook page taken somewhere in the province. It’s your job to tell me where it’s taken.

 Just to make it a teeny bit interesting , each correct answer is worth one point. At the end of April, the player with the most points will win a $25 Amazon e-gift card.

 Good luck and have fun!

scavenger hunt
scavenger hunt

Hiking the 9 Mile River Trail System

Honest to gawd, who can keep  up with the burgeoning number of trails in Nova Scotia?  We are so lucky to have so many, but I had never heard of the 9 Mile River trail until my friend invited me to try it out.

This volunteer maintained trail (thank you folks!) consists of 3 loops with a couple more to come. The sign at the trail head boldly states these trails total to about 8 kms but it's actually more than 10 km. Just so you know. Click To Tweet


Icy along the 8 Mile River Trail
Icy along the 8 Mile River Trail


Nova Scotia has had a wild winter with lots of rain and ice. The trail reflected that -very icy in most spots. My husband gave me a new pair of trail crampons for Christmas –Hillsound $70 -and they are awesome. Easy to put on, fit snugly and best of all, made me feel confident on the ice.  That’s important when you are old(er)

Trail signage along the 9 Mile River Trail
Trail signage along the 9 Mile River Trail

The volunteers have done a fabulous job with the trail. It’s well marked, and and signage tells us what trail we are on at  junctions.  The trail meanders along through a softwood forest over many boardwalks and up a few hills-nothing too bad.  There are lakes dotted around the trail and in summer, a picnic table along the way. I would definitely hike this trail again.

Lots of great places to stop for a break along the 9 Mile River Trail
Lots of great places to stop for a break along the 9 Mile River Trail

What You Need to Know About the 9 Mile River Trail

Find the trail head at 1143 Enfield Rd, Nine Mile River, less than 20 km from the Halifax Stanfield Airport 

This trail is rated as moderate to difficult (length) Prepare for  your hike accordingly with the necessary supplies.

Crampons are definitely recommended in winter-at the very least, shove them in your backpack.

Time of travel is listed on the website as 3-4 hours. It took us the entire 4 hours but, I assume it would be less in other seasons.


9 Mile River Trail Map
9 Mile River Trail Map




The Chicken Burger-A Restaurant Review

Last June I wrote a post listing my 7 favorite fish and chip restaurants . I had  quite a few comments naming other places I should try that were as good or better than the ones suggested. Several people recommended the infamous Chicken Burger in Bedford.

Who knew?

 According to Wikipedia,the Chicken Burger is reputed to be the oldest drive in in  Canada opening its doors in 1940. The decor  makes me smile-neon signage and a jukebox. Very cheery, especially on a dull January day.

Now, I will readily admit it’s been a quite some time since I stopped into the Chicken Burger, but in a recent trip into the city, I convinced hubby to stop for lunch so I could try the fish and chips.
Hubby is a fish and chip … snob. There I said it. He wasn’t willing to order anything other than a chicken burger and fries.  


Twist my rubber arm. I tried them and I was most pleasantly surprised. Not by the fries, really-they were nothing special,,But the fish was good and fresh (as it darn well should be in Nova Scotia) and hot with crispy batter. And large. Click To Tweet

Hubby’s meal of a chicken burger was good, but the chicken burger seemed on the small side. He had a bite of my fish and pronounced it pretty good ( 7/10)

Our combined meals (chicken burger fries and pop , 3pc fish and chips and pop came to a total of $25.38 .

  I  would eat there again, but not make a special trip . Although I was surprised at the quality of the fish( better than some so-called fish and chip places in Truro, It was certainly worth trying..

What You Need to Know About the Chicken Burger

Find it at 1531 Bedford Highway Bedford

Find the menu here

In season,  grab dessert out behind the restaurant at the Chicken Little ice Cream  Shop.

A Winter’s Morning in Fishermen’s Cove

It’s  been a while since I have written about anything at all, but with the start of a fresh year and decade, I hope to put my writers block/burnout/outright laziness behind. Being out and about this week has me all fired up to get to my laptop.

I have been wanting to go see the Lobster Trap Tree at Fishermen’s Cove and made a point of getting down before it was disassembled for the season. While it was daylight and not as beautiful as it would have been all lit up in the evening, it was still pretty unique and charming.

Fishermen's Cove Lobster Trap Tree-photo by Warren Hoeg
Fishermen’s Cove Lobster Trap Tree-photo by Warren Hoeg

In fact, the holiday spirit was all around, no less than along the 1 km boardwalk

Like this driftwood reindeer off the boardwalk at Fishermen's Cove
Like this driftwood reindeer off the boardwalk at Fishermen’s Cove
Christmas Tree along the boardwalk in Fishermen's Cove
Christmas Tree along the boardwalk in Fishermen’s Cove
Even this road side church looks festive in Fishermen's Cove
Even this road side church looks festive

Fishermen’s Cove  is a delightfully quaint and restored  fishing village with two centuries of history behind it. It’s a favorite among visitors. Formerly  known as “The Crick” or “The Cove” ,it was re-christened in 1996 to become more attractive to visitors,while remaining as a working fishing harbour.

Although it is exceedingly picturesque during the high season, that’s no reason to wait until then to check it out. Besides strolling along the boardwalk, you can visit the Heritage Centre which is open all year, as well as Boondocks Restaurant and a nice selection of little gift shops.  You can also zip out to McNabs Island with Taylor Made Tours -although the trip would be a tad chilly methinks. Trips across this time of year take wind and weather into consideration.

What You Need to Know About Fishermen’s Cove

Find it at : 4 Government Wharf Rd.
Eastern Passage, NS

Interested in exploring McNabs Island? Contact Taylor Made Tours (902) 448-4982
Cost $20 pp

Grab some fresh seafood at the Lobster Dive 

The Fishermen’s Cove Heritage Centre is open weekdays through through the winter from 12-4 pm

Have a look at some of the other shops and eateries available in Fisherman’s Cove.Contact each directly to find their winter hours.

Take a walk along the boardwalk and enjoy some brisk ocean air.

P.S. In season,(around June) you can take your boat out and with luck, hook some mackerel for supper.You can also book deep sea fishing and whale watching tours, although I do recommend whale watching off of Digby Neck & islands for better chance at seeing  a variety, including Right Whales, Finback Whales, Minke Whales and Harbour Porpoises.

P.P.S.S  Every year in September, Fishermen’s Cove hosts the renowned Maritime Race weekend, filled with pirates, wenches, races and fun.This year, the races are held on the weekend of Sept 11&12th. It’s as much fun to watch as it is to participate.


Merry Christmas from Hello Weekend

Merry Christmas, folks.

So, I have been out of touch lately and for that, I apologize. Life happens. But I haven]t forgotten about you and I am here to assure you I will be -God willing- back to form after the holidays and infiltrating your inbox and social feed.

I decorated my tree today, and it always is a special time for me.As much as I think I’d like to have it be a family affair with hot mulled cider, Christmas cookies and reminiscing of Christmas past- my guys are not into that  particular tradition. But still I enjoy it. It’s a mish-mash of everything-some old raggedy ornaments are 46 years old-hailing back from our first married Christmas.I have many special handcrafted ones from friends, a little mouse in a walnut shell, crocheted stars, and so on. I have a pewter ornament of my old high school which no longer stands and one of  my church.  Some precious balls were my mothers. I wouldn’t change my tree for any of the stylish color-coordinated in all the world. It’s a real tree, so I will have plenty of fir scented reminders long after the tree is down for the year.

All the ones the boys received have been passed on to them so they can have a mish-mash tree if they wish-with Smurfs, Sesame Street and assorted other characters.

I love this time when the tree is intact and the gifts are not yet under it. Just peace and beauty and joy and thankfulness for all I have, including my baby grandson.

Grandson's first Christmas
Grandson’s first Christmas


Thank all of you who have read my blog, joined in on a hike, followed me on social media.I wish you great peace and contentment and a 2020 where your fondest dreams come true.

Maybe in the comments you can tell me what’s special about your tree-I’d love to hear!

However you celebrate this time of year or even if you don’t, I am sending much love your way


Rudders Seafood Restaurant and Brew Pub-Restaurant Review

I love Yarmouth. There’s an old fashioned aura to the downtown , of hard work and and struggle to survive, true even today.  But in Yarmouth, all work and no play makes one a dull boy. And where to go to play? Rudders Seafood Restaurant and Brew Pub  is a good place to start. There’s local music most evenings and on a balmy summer day, a humongous wrap around deck is the place to be, sipping on Rudders own craft beer while enjoying the waterfront view. It’s November now. so the deck is closed, but the place is decorated gaily for Christmas which sort of makes up for it.

Enjoy the view from the deck
Enjoy the view from the deck

Tom is a server who has many years experience in the restaurant industry and he impressed me right away with his quick service, big friendly smile and ability to anticipate my every need. He was standing  at my elbow almost  before I had even pulled out my chair, greeting us and bringing menus and a small loaf of fresh bread.

Many craft beer choices
Many craft beer choices

Ahh, the menu.It’s quite large, with plenty of seafood dishes, traditional pub fare, pasta and desserts.And of course the brewed-on-site craft beer. I chose nachos–those came loaded with cheese and other goodies  and hubby ordered fish and chips which arrived fresh and steaming hot. Beer for him and coffee for moi. Our total for $49. 20 which included a pretty good tip. I would most definitely eat here again.

Loaded Nachos at Rudders Seafood Restaurant
Loaded Nachos at Rudders Seafood Restaurant
Fish and chips at Rudders Seafood Restaurant
Fish and chips at Rudders Seafood Restaurant


What You Need to Know About Rudders Seafood Restaurant & Brew Pub

Find it at 96 Water Street, Yarmouth

Their micro-brewery has beer to go- squealers, growlers and party kegs.  Good to know with the upcoming Christmas season.

They offer a lobster dinner -and Yarmouth is known for their lobster fishery.

If you are sailing or paddling there, Rudders has a floating dock  marina for customers use.

And more stuff to do

Frost Park is delightfully decorated for the holidays this time of year. Take some time to enjoy it and maybe a short walk along the waterfront-you might spot seals!

No trip to Yarmouth is complete without a visit to Cape Forchu Lighthouse (15 minutes away from downtown) In the summer, there is a small beach along the way in Yarmouth Bar.

The Rodd Grand has a Christmas Dinner Theatre “Last Christmas” running until Dec 21st.Find tickers here $54

If you feel like walking off your big lunch, stop at St.Anne’s University in Church Point (about 40 minutes away) on the way home. ‘ Le Petit Bois’ behind the university is now decorated by volunteers for the Christmas season. Take Exit 29 for highway 101.




My Seven Favorite Christmas Movies

So, ok.  Since Hallmark has decided to jump start Christmas obscenely early with it’s parade of Christmas movies November 1st this year, this list of Christmas movies may seen redundant. But these seven movies – not from Hallmark by the way, are ones I  make time for every season. Don’t judge me.

  1. Love Actually. It has everything- unrequited love, new love, heart break, plus a host of stars marching through the movie. (Colin Firth, anyone?) It’s a bunch of little dramas in one-eight separate stories.
    Love Actually-Christmas Movies
    Love Actually-Christmas Movies
  2. The Gathering. This is a somewhat obscure and predictable movie, staring Ed Asner as a gruff, tough businessman/father  who mellows out after a dire health diagnosis. Yes predictable. But it’s the first movie hubby and I watch every year.
    The Gathering -Christmas Movies
    The Gathering
  3. A Christmas Carol-the Muppet version.  How old am I? Hey, I work hard to keep my inner child contented. One can be reminded just as easily about the importance of generosity through puppets as by Michael Caine, can one not? Although Caine does a great job.
    The Muppet Christmas Carol -Christmas Movies
    The Muppet Christmas Carol
  4. Planes, Trains and Automobiles. I love John Candy and  his humble goofiness. The world lost a great comedian when he passed. Enough said.
    Trains, Planes and Automobiles-Christmas Movies
    Trains, Planes and Automobiles-Christmas Movies
  5. Christmas with the Kranks. I am a pushover for change of heart movies-and Jamie Lee Curtis rocks it all the time.
    Christmas with the Kranks-Christmas Movies
  6. Home Alone – Mostly, I drool over the beautifully decorated house. If I could afford it, I’d have rd comforters on every bed and lights on every upright object-including the hubby.
    Home Alone-Christmas Movies
    Home Alone-Christmas Movies
  7. The Holiday. Two fed up  women switch houses for a holiday vacation and both find what they have been looking for all along.
    The Holiday-Christmas Movies
    The Holiday-Christmas Movies

Want more?? Town and Country published  a list of 25 classic Christmas movies if you need further relief from Hallmark (some of my favs are on it.)

It sounds as if I’m beating up on Hallmark, and I guess I sort of am.But the truth is sometimes an nice Hallmark movie fills a snowy afternoon just perfectly.

Let me know your favorites below!