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My husband loves his fish and chips. Wherever we go-it’s fish and chips, fish and chips. Some are great, some are good and some -well, let’s just say it’s a waste of fish.

Here are 7 of our favorites:

Vicki’s Seafood Restaurant

Vicki's Fish and Chips
Vicki’s Restaurant

7154 Highway #1Coldbrook, NS
This is my husbands favorite place for fish and chips.
He especially loves the home fries .
They close at 7 pm and sometimes close one side of the restaurant early
Service is ok.
2pc $13.95

Lisa’s Cafe

Lisa's Fish and Chips
Lisa’s Fish and Chips

30 Water St, Windsor,NS
The fish and chips at Lisa’s  runs a very close second to Vicki’s and actually if you aren’t a fish and chip person, the food overall is probably better here.
Don’t even try to get in here without a reservation on Mother’s or Father’s day-it’s usually pretty busy most days.
They close at 7:30 pm
Service is excellent
2pc $11.99

The Blarney Stone
16339 NS-103, Hebbs Cross, NS
I love this place but it’s a day trip for us.
The portions are HUGE and the food  is very good.
Open from 11 am to 8p m from mid April to mid October and then until 7 pm in the winter
Staff is very friendly no matter how busy it seems to be.
3pc $9.99

Fry Daddy’s Windsor
109 Gerrish St, Windsor, NS
The fish and chips pass muster with my husband. And he’s fussy about about his seafood.
They have an awesome special on them with 2 for 1 on Tuesdays-we’ve never dared to go near the place on Tuesdays. (Hubby hates crowds more than he loves fish and chips)
These guys are open until 9 pm
Service was ok.
2pc $10.50

Paul’s Fish and Chip Truck
66 Wright Avenue,Dartmouth, NS
Well, yaaas. It’s not gourmet, but the fish and chips are very good.Fries are homestyle.
It’s hard to tell when he may be open,almost  a hit and miss-but I am not down there a lot so I suspect in summer it’s daily.
No picnic tables.
And so low key that I can’t find a Facebook page, let alone a website.
But I think 2pc are around $10

The Crow’s Nest

Crow's Nest Restaurant Haddie Bits
Crow’s Nest Restaurant Haddie Bits

3931 Shore Rd W,Parkers Cove, NS
It’s says something when a small restaurant waaayyy up in a thinly populated stays open all year, don’t you think?
It says the same thing when random people recommend this place when you weren’t even asking.
I recommend the Haddie Bits specifically. There’s a lot of  them.
Open ’til 7 pm
Service is good.
2pc $12

The Mic Mac Bar & Grill

Mic Mac Bar & Grill
Mic Mac Bar & Grill Fish and Chips

19 Waverley RdDartmouth
This place is busyeeee! Always, it seems.
Fish and chips are good as are many other menu items. hence the crowd.
Open until 9 pm
Service is excellent the times we’ve been there.
2pc $14

I’ll throw in an extra:

Catch of the Bay Fish and Chip Boat

Catch of the Bay Fish and Chip Boat
Catch of the Bay Fish and Chip Boat

10682 NS-4, Debert, NS ( By Masstown Market)
They really do have  a good system going and the food is surprisingly delicious
Lots of picnic tables -eat outside and take out only.
2pc $13.99

Now, I know you have your own favorite places for fish and chips. Comment and let us all know!

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