George’s Island-More than Just Snakes



Celebrating Canada’s 150 birthday means parties and special events this entire year. I mentioned in an earlier post on Nova Scotia’s National Parks & Historic sites that I’m doing my best to get to some of these.

During Rendez-Vous 2017 Tall Ships Festival such an opportunity presented itself.  George’s Island was opened for tours, a concert and a Taste of Nova Scotia event were held there.

What could I do-I bought tickets to the tunnel tours and hopped on the ferry.

George's Island
Drummer Boys

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Camping In A Tent? Here’s What You Need to Take


Camping old school-gotta love it.
Some of us still use tents for camping. Maybe not as luxurious. Maybe a bit more  weather dependant.  Maybe more caution must be taken so your snacks don’t get pilfered by racoons.

But still, if you are into that kind of thing-and I am, it can be a whole lot of fun.

We assume you have done your research and chosen a date and maybe even booked your site-spots such as Kejimkujik National Park as usually very busy Thursdays to Sundays.

Further to that, we assume you have planned a menu with easy to carry and cook foods and have a shopping list.

And that you know what clothes you need.

Because this list is for equipment you will need to take for camping:

I recommend

  • Set up tent to ensure all the necessary components are there and that it hasn’t sprouted any holes since last use.
  • Try out stove before leaving- you don’t want any nasty surprises when you are ready to cook supper at the campground.

Also: Pack food in a  cooler that you can store safely in the car at night.

And now, the basic camping equipment:

  1. Tent (make sure you have the tent poles  and pegs  along with a hammer/hatchet to drive pegs into the ground )
  2. Duct tape (fixing broken tent poles, covering holes in tent, etc)
  3. Tarp(ground cover for under your tent)
  4. Extra tarp or canopy Of course, it won’t rain, but…..
  5. Thick foam pad or air mattress( with pump) and sleeping bag for each camper
  6. Pillow
  7. Extra blanket
  8. Lawn chairs for around the campfire
  9. Bug repelling candles
  10. Flashlights (extra batteries) needed for nighttime bathroom forays..and checking out noises in the dark
  11. Lantern
  12. Lantern fuel or batteries
  13.  Camping Stove
  14. Fuel for camping stove
  15. Pot holders
  16. Waterproof matches or lighter
  17. Firewood, kindling AND paper plus said hatchet (burning paper plates to try to get your fire started will only get you so far.) Most campground will have firewood for sale-some even forbid you bringing wood with you. This campgroundwood is often not so dry.I would still bring dry kindling. Don’t even think about using the trees around your campsite. No.No. No.
  18. Frying pan
  19. Pot with cover
  20. Portable coffee maker( or boil water in your pot and have instant coffee)
  21. Large water jug (you’ll need water for cooking and to put out that fire)
  22. Plastic tablecloth and pegs to keep it from blowing into the campsite across the way
  23. Roasting sticks for marshmallows and hot dogs.
  24. Resealable food-storage containers,
  25. Sandwich bags, water bottles for hikes and stuff
  26. Large garbage bags good for stuffing wet tent in upon departure, also makeshift rain coat.
  27. Several yards of thin rope and clothes pins.
  28. Cooler
  29. Plates, mugs, cutlery,corkscrew, can opener, bottle opener
  30. Paring knife, spatula, cooking spoon
  31. Cutting board
  32. Foil
  33. Biodegradable dish soap
  34. SOS pad,  dishcloth, dishtowel, dish pan.
  35. Paper towels

Want to print the list and take it with you?  Click the link.  Camping List

Revisiting Evangeline Cafe


Evangeline Cafe

When I was a wee slip of a girl of 16, my best friend and I used to  pretend to be adults by walking up across the dyke from North Grand Pre and having toast at this little restaurant on the corner of highway one and Grand Pre Road.

During the decades, yes decades, that have passed since I last had toast at the Evangeline Inn Cafe, it’s popularity has boomed. It’s hard to even find  a place to park. And while a good part of that infamy is the pie (proclaimed as one of  Nova Scotia’s 10 Signature Dishes in May of 2015 by Bill Spurr of the Chronicle Herald),pie is not what we are after.

Nope.It’s breakfast. Still and always.Breakfast. Breakfast-And more than just toast.
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Biking for the Lazy Susan -Kentville to Wolfville Rails to Trails

Rails to Trails Valley Wide!

Soon to be officially opened, Harvest Moon Trailway  will span 117 kms though the Annapolis Valley, connecting the UNESCO World Heritage Site  of Grand Pre with the charming town of Annapolis Royal. The Grand Opening of the Tupperville-to Annapolis Royal section is scheduled for July 8, while August 19 marks the official opening of the Wolfville to Grand Pre  portion. I’ve made it my mandate to commute via trail at least once a week this summer.

Rails to TrailsWell, lazy is kind of unfair. It’s just that Nova Scotia is soooo  blasted hilly, these  Rails to Trails sections are a treat.

Kentville Rails to Trails

I hopped on my bike after work and headed down behind Memorial Park to connect with the trail going east towards Wolfville. The trail is pavement or crushed rock ,and Kentville Rec.keeps it trimmed and groomed pretty much year round.

The trail does require touring a bit of downtown Kentville, from behind the post office along Webster St. to Station Lane, and along Justice way to reconnect with the actual trail.

Interesting tidbit. There  are two stations along the Kentville section of the trail that have tools in case your bike needs a repair-flat tire or some such minor annoyance. I love that idea although I am not sure I would be able to service my bike even with tools.

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Traveling with Grandkids This Summer? 10 Things You Need To Know

traveling with grandkids

Ok,so let’s assume you are not going to be packing a stroller and diapers, nor squeezing your vacation within the two weeks your grandson gets off work-although you could do either of these.
But for the sake of this blog, let’s say these grandkids are old enough to dress themselves-out of diapers and without a driver’s license of their own.

You do know what that means, right? It means  at that age,they will have opinions, expectations and  unique tastes.

Ignore this at your own risk. Seriously.

Now, you may be lucky enough to see your grand babies on a regular basis and from that, you know them pretty well. However, all bets are off when you are on the road.

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Moi,Creative? Artist for a Day in Halifax

I’m always looking for new activities to write about, and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design’s “Artist for a Day”event tweaked my interest.  Held  serendipitously the day before  Mother’s Day, it gives little and big kids alike an opportunity to  create something hand made.  Halifax is a pretty easy city to get around in, but if you aren’t a city driver, hop on Metro Transit and take a loooonng,  leisurely ride from to the downtown core.


Artist For a Day
We hopped on the bus, Gus

Artists were set up all along Marginal Road and inside the college. I tried my hand at card making.  People were lined up to try screen printing, black-smithing, charcoal sketching, jewelry making and more….
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About Me Monday-Why I Started Blogging

Blogging   I’ve started taking a online  blogging course through WordPress that will help me with branding and growing this thing.

Today’s home work:
Create 3 goals that will help solidify  my ultimate plan for blogging.
I am a new blogger. A Bloggie if you will. I have tried before but…oh,you know.The excuses we all have not to continue with something we started.

I believe now, that the time wasn’t right. The topic wasn’t right. I wasn’t right for God’s sake.

I was steadfastly trying to stuff myself and my work into a cookie cutter shape I thought other people would enjoy.

I can tell you right now.That does not work.  Not with blogging.Not with self-esteem. Not with joy. And certainly not with finding my passion.

I’m not even sure what happened, but I suddenly realized that the things I am actually  passionate about local travel, enjoying new experiences and sharing what I’ve learned  with others. Quelle suprise. I’ve only worked over 2 decades in the provincial tourism industry .Duh.

In pondering my goals going forward( and of course, they need to be concrete not wishy-washy) I’ve decided on the following:

  1. Have 1000 loyal readers in my first year (gulp)
  2. Purchase a good camera  this year and learn how to use it to create great photos
  3. Turn this blog into a profitable business that includes hosting Hello weekend retreats. I’ve given myself 2 years for this.

    So for all you folks out there who have given up even thinking they have  a passion-as I did-don’t give up.  For all those who are finally charting a  course that’s true to you-hat’s off and yippeee!  And for all of you  who think you are to old and people will think you’re crazy- guess what-you’re not and they will. And it won’t matter  a bit.
    #blogbranding #helloweekend


Masstown Market-Serving Up Fresh since 1969


Masstown Market
Showcasing the local best

Masstown Market,just west of Truro at Exit #12 on the Trans Canada Highway, has been a favorite stopping place  for travelers since 1969.
We’ve been several times, and decided to take a drive up that way Easter Sunday.

The parking lot was packed-even more so than usual. While the garden centre was not yet open, but  as usual there was plenty of gawking to be done. Gift shop, local wines, beer and cider, produce section, deli, bakery and restaurant.
as well as a grocery section.

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