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Merry Christmas from Hello Weekend

Merry Christmas from Hello Weekend

Merry Christmas, folks.

So, I have been out of touch lately and for that, I apologize. Life happens. But I haven]t forgotten about you and I am here to assure you I will be -God willing- back to form after the holidays and infiltrating your inbox and social feed.

I decorated my tree today, and it always is a special time for me.As much as I think I’d like to have it be a family affair with hot mulled cider, Christmas cookies and reminiscing of Christmas past- my guys are not into that  particular tradition. But still I enjoy it. It’s a mish-mash of everything-some old raggedy ornaments are 46 years old-hailing back from our first married Christmas.I have many special handcrafted ones from friends, a little mouse in a walnut shell, crocheted stars, and so on. I have a pewter ornament of my old high school which no longer stands and one of  my church.  Some precious balls were my mothers. I wouldn’t change my tree for any of the stylish color-coordinated in all the world. It’s a real tree, so I will have plenty of fir scented reminders long after the tree is down for the year.

All the ones the boys received have been passed on to them so they can have a mish-mash tree if they wish-with Smurfs, Sesame Street and assorted other characters.

I love this time when the tree is intact and the gifts are not yet under it. Just peace and beauty and joy and thankfulness for all I have, including my baby grandson.

Grandson's first Christmas
Grandson’s first Christmas


Thank all of you who have read my blog, joined in on a hike, followed me on social media.I wish you great peace and contentment and a 2020 where your fondest dreams come true.

Maybe in the comments you can tell me what’s special about your tree-I’d love to hear!

However you celebrate this time of year or even if you don’t, I am sending much love your way


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