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Maple Apple pancakes at Edible Art cafe

Well, before you plan on noshing, you better be sure you can get in.  The place was packed the Saturday my friend and I stopped in to check it out. We did get a couple stools at the counter, but there was a steady influx of people coming and going .

What was the fuss? I am still not entirely sure but it’s definitely a popular spot. It’s not like it’s a new place people are checking out either- the award winning Edible Art Cafe has been around since November 2013, offering fresh baked goodies, soups, salads and breakfast, featuring local artists works for sale  and local music over the lunch hours from 12-2pm.

 Fresh Baked Goodies at the Edible Art Cafe
Fresh Baked Goodies at the Edible Art Cafe

I do know one thing.The food is excellent. Simple, but well made with lots of flavour.  I had bacon and eggs (you remember me and my breakfast fetish, right?) and my friend somewhat dubiously ordered maple apple pancakes on the recommendation of our server-by the way who was very friendly and helpful even though run off her feet. The pancakes, by the way, were proclaimed delicious. We were amazed, especially when we saw  the very tiny kitchen and how well staff worked around and with each other in this space.

Bacon and eggs at the Edible Art Cafe
Bacon and eggs at the Edible Art Cafe

What You Need to Know About Edible Art Cafe

  • Find the cafe at 9701 Commercial St. New Minas,Actually it’s in Greenwich on the site of the former Horton District High  School, my former alma mater.
  • Hours are :9 -5 Mon-Fri, 10-3  on Saturday, and closed on Sunday.Brunch is offered all day on Saturday.
  • Edible Art has a selection of  Keto and gluten free options.
  • One of their most popular offerings are is the ‘Grab and Go’  frozen prepackaged lunches-soups/entrees that are 5 for $20 or $5 each. Great for the busy worker, quicker,cheaper and healthier than fast food. The Grab and Go choices include gluten free and Keto options.
  • After you nosh, you can shop, Edible Art Cafe showcases  local art community products from greeting cards and fridge magnets to stained glass and one of a kind artwork.