We Hiked Cape Split-and Lived to Tell About It.

To all the visitors who asked me about Cape Split at the Visitor Centre.
I lied.
It’s much more hilly then I remembered.
Last weekend, a friend and I hiked Cape Split.

Hiked Camp Split
Personal art

Cape Split Provincial Park Reserve is a 447-hectare with a 12.5 km  trail rimming its northern edge. There are signs at the beginning and all over the web that insist this trail is 16 km..but I measured the sucker with my Tom Tom  and it was just over 6 km each way. I hobbled the trail with my arthritic knee -believe me, I would warn you if it were longer.  I am guesstimating it took us about 5 hours..but we dawdled . We climbed trees. We took pictures. We tried to break into a locked washroom. (Shh). We were slow hiking up the hills- there was mutinous mutterings coming from behind me- and just as slow coming back down them. To my credit, I didn’t take a header or land on my backside.
It was a perfect day. The threatened 5 mm of rain did not appear.

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Real Women Fish Smelts Too!

Smelt fishing in Gaspereau
Path to the bank

Ok, I admit it. I don’t like eating smelts.  Yuck. However, it’s fun to fish for them. They are dip netted and jigged, and one of the best locations is the Gaspereau River by the bridge near Reid’s Meats. By this time (April 20th) they’ve been running for  a good week Drive by on the incoming time and you’ll see the bank lined with eager fisher-folk of all ages.

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Masstown Market-Serving Up Fresh since 1969


Masstown Market
Showcasing the local best

Masstown Market,just west of Truro at Exit #12 on the Trans Canada Highway, has been a favorite stopping place  for travelers since 1969.
We’ve been several times, and decided to take a drive up that way Easter Sunday.

The parking lot was packed-even more so than usual. While the garden centre was not yet open, but  as usual there was plenty of gawking to be done. Gift shop, local wines, beer and cider, produce section, deli, bakery and restaurant.
as well as a grocery section.

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Walking Shubie Park-Fairbanks Interpretive Centre Trail


Shubencadie Trail
Shubie Park Trail Head

Last week, I decided to take the dog, (and my husband ) to Shubie Canal trail head, located at the Fairbanks Interpretive Centre.  Neither my dog, (nor my husband ) had been to the park before,so it was an opportunity for both of them check out some new trails. We only covered  a smidgen of the over 18 km of trail.
The Trail
The trails for the most part are well maintained crusher dust and easy to walk-although there are sections that have a few hills.
I love that there is an off leash section, plenty of benches and lots of garbage cans. Not so much with the toilets- but there are washrooms at the beginning as you enter the parking lot  as well as inside the Fairbanks Centre. Plan your liquid intake accordingly. I rate the washrooms on this visit ‘A’

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