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Last June I wrote a post listing my 7 favorite fish and chip restaurants . I had  quite a few comments naming other places I should try that were as good or better than the ones suggested. Several people recommended the infamous Chicken Burger in Bedford.

Who knew?

 According to Wikipedia,the Chicken Burger is reputed to be the oldest drive in in  Canada opening its doors in 1940. The decor  makes me smile-neon signage and a jukebox. Very cheery, especially on a dull January day.

Now, I will readily admit it’s been a quite some time since I stopped into the Chicken Burger, but in a recent trip into the city, I convinced hubby to stop for lunch so I could try the fish and chips.
Hubby is a fish and chip … snob. There I said it. He wasn’t willing to order anything other than a chicken burger and fries.  


Twist my rubber arm. I tried them and I was most pleasantly surprised. Not by the fries, really-they were nothing special,,But the fish was good and fresh (as it darn well should be in Nova Scotia) and hot with crispy batter. And large. Click To Tweet

Hubby’s meal of a chicken burger was good, but the chicken burger seemed on the small side. He had a bite of my fish and pronounced it pretty good ( 7/10)

Our combined meals (chicken burger fries and pop , 3pc fish and chips and pop came to a total of $25.38 .

  I  would eat there again, but not make a special trip . Although I was surprised at the quality of the fish( better than some so-called fish and chip places in Truro, It was certainly worth trying..

What You Need to Know About the Chicken Burger

Find it at 1531 Bedford Highway Bedford

Find the menu here

In season,  grab dessert out behind the restaurant at the Chicken Little ice Cream  Shop.