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Here piggy,piggy.That Dutchman's Farm

Originally,That Dutchman’s Farm was called That Damn Dutchman’s Farm. People, as people will, took exception to the swear word,and even after replacing the offending word with symbols it was still so controversial that now it’s simply “That Dutchman’s Farm”

Too bad.

Anyway, the cheese is delicious no matter what the name.

Perched atop a hillside with a commanding view of the Bay of Fundy, the farm is owned and operated by Willem and Maja van den Hoek and offers a shop with gifts, antiques and -of course-samples of their mouth watering Gouda- the award winning Dragon’s Breath, Old Growler and the spreadable Smeerkaas.

We were more interested in the animal and nature farm One is never too old for an animal farm, right? Unfortunately, we were  a little too early in the season and most of the animals were still snug in their winter homes.

Not all, though.

 Ruling the roost at That Dutchman's Farm

Along the  1.5 km, somewhat uphill, trail were the Scottish Highland Cattle, Emus and pot bellied piggies, as well as chickens, ducks, geese and even two beautiful black swans who stubbornly refused to get close enough for  a photo.

In season, there are cows, rabbits and  miniature donkeys, a herb garden and water gardens, all securely enclosed with an electric fence to keep the critters in and  humans out.

It’s well worth  a visit, especially if you add it to an itinerary of other stops to make in the area.(See the What You Need To Know section for suggestions)

Waiting for a hand out That Dutchman's Farm

What You Need to Know About That Dutchman’s Farm

  • Find it at 132 Brown Road Upper Economy, Nova Scotia.
  • You may want to grab some cheese for a hike into Economy Falls.(14 km away) or to enjoy at a picnic table overlooking the Bay.
    Also nearby is Cobequid Interpretive Centre (7.5 km away), Thomas Cove Hiking Trails (8.3 km) and Five islands Provincial Park (19.1 km away)
  • The  farm is open year round, although it is advised to call during the winter months. (902) 647-2751
  • The nature trail and animal section opens Victoria Day weekend. Because we were early in the season, there was no charge for us to walk the trail and we were even allowed to bring our dog on a leash. I would suggest a spring visit as the animal babies should be making their presence known.
  •  Feed is available for purchase so you can treat the animals. FYI-you can hand feed an emu and it only hurts a little.
  • The fee is $4.95 for adults
  • That Dutchman’s Farm cheeses are also available at Halifax Seaport Market


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