TrailQuest is the New Game in Town


There’s a new game in town.In Kentville, that is and it will be spreading soon to nearby areas.

Trail Quest
The Quest begins!
















That game is TrailQuest, a historic scavenger hunt created by young Daniel Duke of Port Williams. Duke recently spent time with his family living in the UK where such  hunts are beloved  by the masses.

I was given an opportunity to test drive Kentville’s version before it hit the market. Naturally, heat hater that I am, I choose the hottest, stickiest day of the summer and set out. From my rough calculations and the help of Map My Run, I figured it was over a 3 km walk to complete all the required walking for the scavenger hunt. So wear some good footwear.

Nope. I won’t give away any of the clues. But I will tell you that it is a great way to discover some historic facts about Kentville which I sure didn’t know. It’s a nice walk, and since it’s self guided, your pace is only dictated by the pace of your fellow hunters (it’s great for families, couples, whatever) and your own gait. (mine is slow) It took me about 2 hours to complete the route. But then again I needed to backtrack one section. (nope, not saying where)

But here’s a tip. If you stand in front of the spot you think you are supposed to be finding a clue, and look woebegone-sometimes a complete stranger will point it out.

In actuality, the clues aren’t super difficult.  You do have to hunt for them, though, after all, and while some are easier than others, it’s clear time and  thought went into the creation of TrailQuest. Bravo Daniel!

If you are looking for a way to explore Kentville, get outside and be active, want to pry kids and hubby away from the blasted tv/video games/cell phone/ipad this is a unique and fun way to do it. Maybe just not tell them about the active part. And it is much less expensive that a afternoon at the movies or supper out. What a good idea for a kid’s birthday party!  You could even pack a lunch and   enjoy a picnic.

The idea is to locate clues, which translate into a code which gives you the answer.


What You Need to Know About TrailQuest:

The game is available for purchase online, may be picked up in person or by mail.

This scavenger hunt is suitable for most. The terrain is mostly flat with few uphills. Pretty much wheelchair accessible throughout. As I mentioned, it’s a bit of a stroll- over 3  kms so be prepared for that.

You don’t need a smartphone app or a GPS, or even a map ,just a pen. A clipboard is useful as well.

A TrailQuest for Wolfville is in the works as I write. (Update,Wolfvile is now live)

Dear lord, I almost forgot the best part! Prizes. Send  in your correct  answers  (once you’ve cracked the code) and your name will be entered into a  monthly draw .




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