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The 1st rule of planning a day hike is safety-that of yours and others.But first, yours. If something happens -God Forbid-to you, you won’t be able to help anyone else. Although I’ve been hiking for years, I’ll admit I’m pretty new to this- be -prepared – and – cram – all – this -stuff in- your -backpack- and- lug -it- with -you – all -day thing.

So, I’m preparing to do the  Cape Chignecto Eatonville day hike very soon.I’m consulting my manual and gathering things and hefting the bag to gauge the weight. I even agonized over the backpack-one that has easy water bottle access and is not too heavy, but sturdy. Or the larger one with lots of pockets where I can find things-such as coyote repellent(yes, I bought some) easily. Did you know you have to fill out paperwork to buy coyote or bear repellent? I did not. I bought it at Canadian Tire -it’s about $14 for 22 grams and goes with a o-ring so you could hang it on your backpack for quick grabbing.

And while some of you are snickering about this purchase, I’d better confess I bought this bear bell from Amazon. Yes I did.

Planning a day hike A sturdy bag is essential
Planning a day hike
A sturdy bag is essential

Now for the complete list for planning a day hike.

  1. Bear Bell
  2. Coyote/snarling dog spray repellent
  3. Mosquito repellent
  4. Fire starter
  5. Matches in a waterproof case
  6. Compass
  7. Map of trail
  8. Cheap rain poncho
  9. flashlight
  10. Extra batteries
  11. Water
  12. Extra water
  13. Survival blanket
  14. First Aid kit- moleskin, antibiotic ointment, itch stick, Tylenol or some such pain reliever, assorted sized band aids, antiseptic wipes,sterile dressing pad,1-inch adhesive tape, gauze, tweezers
  15. Granola bars
  16. Small multi tool
  17. Duck tape
  18. Lip balm
  19. Sunscreen
  20. Toilet paper-a  small amount in  a baggie
  21. Extra jacket or sweater
  22. Extra socks

My backpack is actually a laptop bag I bought at Bentley on sale before went to Newfoundland last spring.It’s sturdy – no breaking of straps,hopefully,and roomy.Maybe too roomy. If I filled it up I may not be able to life it. It has lots of pockets to stuff things in-two outside ones that held,my coyote spray and compass and the pocket that is meant to hold your laptop is perfect for a trail map in a protective folder. The only thing I really don’t like about is there is no place for your water bottle on the outside or inside either, really.

The weather forecast ‘right now’ is mid 20 degrees Celsius so the plan is to wear my  Bass Pro hiking pants, which are water repellant, has a zippered pocket and zip off to shorts, a moisture wicking top and my Keen hikers. I’ll also take  a hiking pole. I think I’m ready.

What would you add? I’m open for suggestions.

Update on the Cape Chignecto Day Hike
That didn’t happen because the road was flooded due to the high tide. Check the tide times for Cape Chignecto )Advocate Harbour ) here

Checking the height of the tide across the road on the way to the Eatonville Day Hike
Checking the height of the tide across the road on the way to the Eatonville Day Hike

There WILL be  a next time.