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Ughhh. Another snowy February day. Another bleak, cold,$#*@## day.  Still over a month until Spring shows up on the calendar and even then it won’t really feel like spring.

We. can’t. take. it. anymore. If we have to shovel one more snowplow blocked driveway, I swear to God we’re going postal.

We need a break.

Here are four choices for a weekend getaway that just will restore your sanity.

**Please remember: It’s winter. That means ice and slippery conditions are not only possible but likely. Err on the side of caution when partaking in outdoor activities to keep your awesome self safe

1. Windhorse Farm

Winter Escape @ Windhorse Farm
Winter Escape @ Windhorse Farm

Book yourself a quaint rustic off the grid cabin in this  pristine natural setting. And when I say off the grid, I mean off the grid. What better way to unplug and relax that to actually unplug for a few days. With 200 acres of nature to explore, including 22 km of trails, you’ll be ready to snuggle down in fresh, clean bed linens all warm and cozy with the heat of the wood stove.
Each cabin is equipped with a propane cooktop, propane or solar-powered lights, a wood stove, a cooler, bed linens,towels, and kitchenware. Jugs of fresh clean water are provided for each cabin and clean composting toilets are located nearby.. There’s a wood fired sauna  and access to a hot shower and running water  in the “Chat Room” adjacent to the farmhouse.
Winter activities include hiking and snowshoeing  You’ll be doing your own cooking unless you want to skip into New Germany for pizza or a burger.
Prices start @ $115 per night for a minimum of 2 nights. There is a strict no pets policy.
Bonus activity: Indian Falls is  a 30 minute drive away. The bottom of the falls can easily be reached by stairs and there is a narrow winding trail that follows the river.
New Germany is only 15 km way  -stop there for groceries.

Windhorse Farm 129 Sarty Rd, Wentzells Lake, NS


2.Tidal Bore Rafting Resort 

Bonfire @ Tidal Bore rafting Resort Winter Escape
Bonfire @ Tidal Bore Rafting Resort Winter Escape

If you want to get away from it all, this is it. One bedroom cottages start at $139 a night in the off season and for an extra $40 per night for a 2 night weekend,you can get one with  hot tub-ohhh that hot water soaking into one’s  weary bones-doesn’t that sounds good? Tidal Bore Rafting Resort is pet friendly.
South Maitland/Urbania is famous for tidal bore rafting but of course you won’t be rafting the bore in February or March. Still, there are loads of other things you can do. The resort has trails to explore on foot or with snowshoes or cross country skis-bring your own gear. Urbania is in the heart of the mighty Bay of Fundy region and about a half hour drive away from Burntcoat Head,  where the worlds’ highest tides have actually been recorded. Burntcoat Head Park will be closed for the season, but you can still wander around the grounds and along  the shore, providing you check the tide times. Please refrain from wandering along the beach any later than 3 hours before high tide. I’m not kidding.


Fun at Tidal Bore rafting Resort Winter Escape
Fun at Tidal Bore rafting Resort Winter Escape

Bonus Activity :A 25 minute drive in the other direction will take you to Truro where you can grab  a bite to eat, hike to the waterfalls at  Victoria Park. or shop. Truro is your closest stop  for a good sized grocery store too.
Tidal Bore Rafting Resort-12215 NS-215, Urbania, NS
 (902) 758-8433

3. Mersey River Chalets

Winter Escape @ Mersey River Chalets
Winter Escape @ Mersey River Chalets

The 3rd in our short list of winter getaways is Mersey River Chalets, perched on scenic Mersey River and Harry Lake. In summer, canoes and kayaks are available to use for free but in winter you can pass the time in this idyllic location by hiking or snowshoeing the trails or simply snuggling in by the wood fire with a good book.Located only 5 km from Kejimkujik  National Park and Historic site,park trails are available for use too- keeping in mind that much of the park has no winter maintenance. Mersey Chalet prices start @ $137 per night in off season for two nights or more-  suitable for a family of four. All accommodations are accessible and pet friendly.
Shop for groceries in Annapolis Royal, Bridgewater or Liverpool.
Bonus Activity: Annapolis Royal is only 40 minutes away and  the renowned Historic Gardens,although not maintained during the winter months,are open to the public through a free will offering. Or take in a performance or workshop at the Kings Theatre

Along the trail at Mersey River Chalets
Along the trail at Mersey River Chalets

Mersey River Chalets 315 Mersey River Chalets Rd, Maitland Bridge, NS


4. White Point Beach Resort

Winter Escape @ White Point Beach
Winter Escape @ White Point Beach

If falling asleep with the whispering  of the Atlantic in your ears is something you long for, this bit of luxury along the South Shore is for you. Prices start @ $220 per night, off season for a 1 bedroom cottage and weekends are very popular!
Pets are welcome in some , but not all, the accommodations for an extra fee.
Take a winter surfing lesson, walk along the beach or trail at White Point, enjoy the nightly bonfire or simply treat yourself at the spa. No cooking needed-enjoy the menu and the view at Elliot’s Dining Room.


Bonus Activity.  Head to Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct ,only a half hour drive away for a 5 or 8 km hike. Dress warm. Wear good hiking boots.  |
Alternately, head to Liverpool (8km) to catch a performance at the Astor Theatre
75 White Point Beach Resort Rd, White Point, Queens County, NS