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I have been wanting to take this candlelight graveyard tour since I was invited last year. Sometimes it takes a while for plans to fall into place- I am glad they finally did for this.

Alan Melanson is a  storyteller extraordinaire, and he spins his tale for nearly an hour and a half with wit, insight and myriad tidbits of historical information. I only wish I could remember a third of it. It’s small wonder that this is an award winning graveyard tour that’s currently in it’s 28th year. Alan is 10th generation Acadian and takes much pride in his heritage. [click_to_tweet tweet=”I expected to get bored at some point-I was never bored. ” quote=”I expected to get bored at some point-I was never bored. “]

But this tour is not just about the Acadians. In fact, considering his  family tree, his tour was not all at one sided, giving fair and accurate accounts of both the French and British as they battled for control of the area.

The photo is courtesy of TripAdvisor

What You Need To Know About The Candlelight Graveyard Tour

Tours take place from June 1st to October 15th, every evening ,rain or shine 9:30 pm at the Garrison Graveyard, Fort Anne National Historic Site -323 St George St, Annapolis Royal

This photo of Annapolis Royal Candlelight Graveyard Tour is courtesy of TripAdvisor

It’s a good deal at $10 pp, youth (13-18) $5, under 12 $3 No reservations required! Even better, this fee supports Annapolis Royal’s Historical Association whose good works include restoration  of the Annapolis Royal lighthouse,  Canada’s first  policewoman Rose Fortune’s  monument in the graveyard the Annapolis Royal Walking Tour brochure (download a copy of  Walking Tour Annapolis Royal ), and many other projects too numerous to mention here.

Not only is Alan Melanson a gifted narrator, but he takes great care in making sure everyone navigates the grounds safely-we are in the dark after all and even with lanterns, it’s not always easy to see.

Expect to meander around trees and up steps.It’s dark so could can’t really see the writing on the stones. You won’t care-you’ll be listening to Alan. A plus is he usually warns you when there are obstacles ahead- like sharp and hard foot stones and the like

It’s exciting to grab a lantern -and he has lots-but they do get heavy after awhile. he  uses real candles-so the top  of the lantern can be hot. Very hot.

Need more convincing? Have a gander at the video below