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I love Bucket Lists. I’ve had an informal one since forever and I am no spring chicken. Even better than having a Bucket List is checking things off of it-although I am even faster at adding things, I think.

So far, I’ve been lucky enough to:

  1. Take drum lessons
  2. Go for a polar bear dip on January 1st
  3. Go zip-lining
  4. See icebergs in Newfoundland
  5. Complete a Sprint Triathlon
Polar Dipping
Bucket List Polar Dipping-we were the ‘Big Dippers’

But I have a whole bunch of stuff left- and, as I said adding more all the time.
Currently #1 is a train trip across the Rockies.
That’s not likely to happen this year but I do have some  Bucket List ideas for 2018. I think it is important to schedule some great adventures yearly. One never knows when ones time will run out. I’d rather regret what I’ve done instead of what I haven’t done.

My Bucket List for 2018

  1. Haute Isle-Bay of Fundy
    I’ve been waiting to visit Haute Isle for a while.I’m not sure why, except that the haunting hunk of rock seems to call to me whenever I am at Hall’s Harbour or Harbourville and look at it perched in the Bay. I’ve done some research-Advocate Boat Tours  offers a 2 hour boat tour out of Advocate  and found there are doggie kennels nearby for Emma while we are gone.


Bucket List Hopeful #1 Haute Isle This photo of Advocate Boat Tours is courtesy of TripAdvisor

  1. Skyline Trail, Cape Breton
    We actually did this in 2017, but hubby really wants to go back in October when the leaves are most colorful. I bid and won  a night in a oTENTik from Parks Canada (which is something  between a tent and a  cabin) so I am hoping to be able to book that to use on our trip.
Skyline Trail, On the Cabot Trail
Bucket List Hopeful #2 Skyline Trail, On the Cabot Trail
  1. Bike the Harvest Moon Trail from Grand Pre to Annapolis Royal
    Now, before you get the wrong idea- I am not a hard core biker. I am about a once a week 15-20 km biker. so most certainly this will be a 117 km  bum numbing challenge. I have a crazy friend who plans to do it with me and it will certainly involve an overnight stay and some Epsom salts.
Views along the Harvest Moon Trail
Bucket List Hopeful #3  Harvest Moon Trail

I could go on and on but there is only so much time (and money) available. The important thing is I have some adventures that I hope to check off this year. My next move will be to choose dates and make sure I have time off, money saved etc.

What’s on YOUR bucket list for 2018?