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Visiting That Dutchman’s Farm

Here piggy,piggy.That Dutchman's Farm

Originally,That Dutchman’s Farm was called That Damn Dutchman’s Farm. People, as people will, took exception to the swear word,and even after replacing the offending word with symbols it was still so controversial that now it’s simply “That Dutchman’s Farm” Too bad. Anyway, the cheese is delicious no matter what the name. Perched atop a hillside […]

The River Wild-Shubenacadie River Raftin...

The River Wild-Shubenacadie River Rafting in Nova Scotia

 Shubenacadie River Rafting “Nae man can tether time nor tide…” Robbie Burns immortal words struck me as unforgivably appropriate. The powerful tides of Nova Scotia’s Minas Basin are, even as we make our way to the tiny hamlet of Maitland,relentlessly snaking its way towards the mouth of the Shubenacadie River. The Shubenacadie-one of the […]

10 Things to Do Day Tripping Along in Co...

Bear-y Good Near Debert

Alright. You neither know nor care where Colchester County is, right? I’m telling you anyway, because its just a beautiful part of the province. Colchester encompasses Shubenacadie to Truro to Five Islands and some of the most spectacular views of the Bay of Fundy and Cobequid Bay you will  ever see. We aren’t strangers to […]

Whale Watching on Brier Island

Whale watching on Brier Island-Nova Scotia Day Trips

Brier Island Whale and Seabird Tours Briar Island is a smallish basalt  island off the coast of southwest Nova Scotia, only 7.5 km long and 2.5 km wide. The economy runs on  fishing and seasonally on  ecotourism-mainly whale and bird watching tours.In fact, some lobster fishermen set their traps from the last Monday in  November […]