Forest Lakes Trails -Hike to Cameron Lake

Don’t you love Facebook events? It’s an opportunity to find trails I would probably never know about.
This was the case on a recent frosty Sunday when a couple of  friends and I took advantage of a guided trail along the Forest Lakes Trail system in Ardoise.
Forest Lakes is a country club with luxury seasonal and overnight housing rentals and real estate. Out of my price range ? Absolutely.
No matter. The trails are open to everyone. I suspect this was a marketing maneuver to get people up close and personal with their property.  And why not? But with my my less than stylish hiking gear-I was wearing my oldest coat because it covers my bum – I don’t think I  fit their target market.

Forest Lake Trails
Forest Lake Trails

Two dozen of us meet in the lodge prior to hike time and were given two options.  We could take a 2 km hike or a longer 5 km hike-which actually turned out to be almost 6 and a half. We opted for the longer trail to Cameron Lake.

Most of the hikers took off as if they were shot from a cannon.  There were many icy spots so we followed at a more sedate pace, giving us lots of time to enjoy our surroundings while trying not to break a hip.

The  wide, gravel trail wound over bridged bogs and alongside hardwood stands, spruce and fir. The view of  smooth, glassy Cameron Lake was spectacular. I wanted to skate on it right then and there. And I don’t even skate

Cameron Lake Forest Hills Trails
Cameron Lake Forest Lake Trails

The Forest Lake Trail system is well marked by color coded signage. I would like to see trail names as well as the distances on the signs, because, yes some of us did get separated for a short time despite having three leaders. If you didn’t take note-and of course you should-of what color trail you were on at the trail head, it could happen.

Forest Lake Trails signage
Forest Lake Trails signage

What You Need To Know About Forest Lakes Trails:

  • Find it at 40 Eagle View Drive, Ardoise. You can’t miss it-there is a huge sign off Highway #1
  • Lots of parking up by the lodge
  • There are over 10 km of multipurpose trails for hiking, biking and horse riding. Click here for a trail map
  • And, according to the trail  amp, hikers are welcome to use the lodge to fill up water bottles and use the washroom. Good on them for that,


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