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Update! Apparently someone has seen fit to remove both the flag at the trail head and the one at the top of the trail. Grr. 

I always pre-hike an unfamiliar trail in preparation for a guided trek, so we planned this hike on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. This was attempt #2- we previously hiked what we thought was Moses Mountain-but nope.

Picture this! Moses Mountain
Picture this! Moses Mountain

We are nothing if not stubborn,so today, through a somewhat circuitous route, we managed to drag ourselves to the top.

How to Get There

Hiking up Moses Mountain

Take exit 5 from Highway 101, turn left from the off-ramp towards Windsor and then right on highway 1. Turn left onto  Highway 14 (the Chester Road) Drive just over 11 km and you will come to a sign that says Mill Section. Start looking for civic numbers on the right-2955 , 2957 and 2961. Turn right there and drive  a short distance to a  small parking area on the right next to the gate. Do not park inside the gate if it’s open-it may well be closed when you get back and then what are ya going to do, hmm?

From inside the gate turn right and walk across a bridge and up a service road for about 1 .25 km. At that point be on the lookout for a tree with both  a flag AND orange hunters tape attached,on your right.

Yes, yes, we walked past this on the previous hike without seeing it.In our defense,we were expecting it to be closer to the power line. That’s not really a defense though, is it?

You will see a clearly marked trail  that winds through the woods and up, up and up to the top.(elevation 162 m)
It may be a steep hike but not a terribly long one-the way we came was less than 4. 5 km)


You know you're on the right path when you stumble upon a heart on the trail
You know you’re on the right path when you stumble upon a heart on the trail

What You Need to Know About Moses Mountain

  • The service road is steep with lots of rocks that are uncomfortable to walk on
  • The trail itself is very well marked with orange hunters tape, it also has lots of rocks and roots
  • It goes without saying it’s steep
  • There may be a nice breeze at the top, but there were lots of annoying black-flies around-it’s been so wet- so we made sure to apply insect repellent.
  • Ditto sunscreen
  • Bring lots of water and wear good shoes. A hiking pole helps too.
  • Bring a lunch or snack and enjoy the view from the top

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