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Rails to Trails Valley Wide!

Soon to be officially opened, Harvest Moon Trailway  will span 117 kms though the Annapolis Valley, connecting the UNESCO World Heritage Site  of Grand Pre with the charming town of Annapolis Royal. The Grand Opening of the Tupperville-to Annapolis Royal section is scheduled for July 8, while August 19 marks the official opening of the Wolfville to Grand Pre  portion. I’ve made it my mandate to commute via trail at least once a week this summer.

Rails to TrailsWell, lazy is kind of unfair. It’s just that Nova Scotia is soooo  blasted hilly, these  Rails to Trails sections are a treat.

Kentville Rails to Trails

I hopped on my bike after work and headed down behind Memorial Park to connect with the trail going east towards Wolfville. The trail is pavement or crushed rock ,and Kentville Rec.keeps it trimmed and groomed pretty much year round.

The trail does require touring a bit of downtown Kentville, from behind the post office along Webster St. to Station Lane, and along Justice way to reconnect with the actual trail.

Interesting tidbit. There  are two stations along the Kentville section of the trail that have tools in case your bike needs a repair-flat tire or some such minor annoyance. I love that idea although I am not sure I would be able to service my bike even with tools.

New Minas Rails to Trails

Once past town limits, the trail going through New Minas is all paved. You heard me -paved.  Go like greased lightening. Well, I would have, except for certain fellow bikers who stop and get off their bikes to look at stuff and leave them parked in the middle of the trail-hello! I am not now nor have I ever been crazy about obstacles in my path.I always feel like I am going to run into them.Sometimes I do run into them.

Rails toTrails
These gates used to make me nervous to bike I just ‘look where I want to go’..and it ain’t into the steel posts

I hadn’t had supper and the potato chip factory smelled delicious.

Port Williams to Wolfville Rails to Trails

This section was all new to me and  had some great scenery -love red barns and cows munching in fields-the farm girl in me, I guess.Part of the trail here connects with the underused hiking trail at Noggin’s Farm- a great spot for hiking and snowshoeing and with some interesting local history documented. I passed the ‘ Horton Poor  Farm Cemetery ‘ on the North side of the trail, the final resting place of  the indigent widows, orphans and old folks  who had no choice but to make the poor farm their home.

Closer to Wolfville, I  even found some  Uncommon Art .

Railsto Trails
This isn’t the only piece of ‘Uncommon Art’ I passed on the trail.






It’s actually quite fun to serendipitously stumble upon these unique works of creativity. However, if you want to go ahuntin’ for them, just drop into the nearest Visitor Information Centre and pick up a Uncommon Arts passport.

The trail is crushed rock-not quite as nice as pavement or beaten down path.  Oh. And there is a little bit of a hill …..but also several benches.
I zipped past Tim Horton’s in Wolfville and got off the trail at the all day parking lot across from the  Wolfville Visitor Centre. Right now, going any further east means biking along the dykes to Grand  Pre.

This section of the Rails to Trails is just over 12 km and it took me about an hour and a half-but I stopped for several water breaks and to take pictures.

I could have probably done it in  than an hour or even less-but it wouldn’t have been as much fun.

Fun is king.








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