I don’t drink and this, perhaps, puts me a distinct disadvantage when it comes to writing alcohol related posts. How would I know what was good and what was ….plonk. So a visit to Maritime Express Cider wasn’t about the cider, even though I’m told it’s very very good.

It’s about a start up of a company looking to combine local history with local produce and  churn out a delicious cider served in a charming atmosphere.

The setting is a beautiful Inn from the 20th century-the Cornwallis in Kentville, a grand old lady in her time, once one the finest hotels on the continent, once it was purchased, renovated and all gussied up by the Dominion Atlantic Railway.

Jimi Doidge, the brewer, and Scott Hearn, his business partner, knew right away that this was the perfect setting to showcase their product.

Maritime Express’s logo that incorporates the history behind the name says it all.

Opening in the fall of 2018, the taproom now offers  bottles and growlers to go or offers a relaxing spot for sit and enjoy a pint-or in my case, a pot.

Honest to Heaven’s I have never been served  coffee in a contraption like this:

Coffee -Maritime Express Brewing Company

Coffee -Maritime Express Brewing Cider


And yes, those are scrumptious little cheesecakes. In fact, we tried two flavors. These were Peanut Butter and they were so good we had the Vanilla Caramel.Click To Tweet Three to  a plate were only $5 which allowed me to enjoy without feeling guilty. (And I did share.)”Vanilla Caramel Cheesecakes

Vanilla Caramel CheesecakesYou can order snacks, cheese, a sandwich or  a bowl of soup if you don’t fancy anything sweet. The menu is here. And of course besides coffee they have assorted soft drinks, their signature cider, craft beer and wine.

What You Need to Know About Maritime Express Cider


It’s located on the corner of Cornwallis and Main -325 Main St, Kentville

It’s closed on Mondays, but open 11 am-10 pm , except Fridays and Saturdays- they stay open until midnight those nights.

Feel free to linger and enjoy your food and drink and maybe even grab a board game from the stack on the shelf-Scrabble, anyone?

It’s right above Halimac Axe Throwing so if you want to work up an appetite….