Truth be told, when I am casing a joint to blog about, I usually just plop myself down , order some food, surreptitiously snap a few pictures, do some  research and craft a blog post from my findings- it’s not often I get a deluxe tour and the lowdown on a restaurant. I was luckily enough to get just that at the Church Brewing Company in Wolfville.

Erin Haysom, who along with her husband Matt, brother-in-law Steve Haysom, restaurant manager and co-founder Brendan Nichol,Brew-master Andrew Bartle, and 90 more dedicated staff from dishwashers to bar managers are  the guts and glory behind this wildly popular valley hot spot. It’s definitely been a ‘we’ effort, and one that’s appreciated by both the management and customers.

Such a cozy space at the Church Brewing Company

Such a cozy space at the Church Brewing Company-not the outdoor heater-and they even supply a blanket for those chilly evenings

For these people, this restaurant/ brewery is more than just  a business-it’s a calling,evident in the way no detail, no matter how teeny,was overlooked and how passion for authenticity is evident in the transformation of the beautiful decommissioned stone church into a gorgeous restaurant.

But a beautiful venue is not enough, especially when surrounded by so many top notch restaurants  in the area.The food has to be more than up to snuff. No matter how busy, no matter how demanding the clientele- sub par food has sunk many a fancy hash house.

Souvenir Postcards from the gleaming equipment at the Church Brewing Company

Souvenir Postcards from the Church Brewing Company

I think the number of repeat customers speaks for itself. Trying a spot once to gawk at the decor is one thing- but returning is all about the food, and only the food.

Oh and maybe a bit about the booze,since the church offers up the products of many local breweries,wineries and cideries. Added to that is the Church Brewing Company’s own hand crafted  which is  is just coming of age now.


The food menu changes frequently, but many of the mainstays are cleverly named to reflect the rural area in which we live (the Ploughman's Lunch ) or the sacred history of the building ( Righteous Wings, Fellowship Burger)Click To Tweet I had the Matriarchs Chowder-a combination of family favorite ingredients whisked together with the Chef’s secret’ je ne sais quio’. Pretty darn good and the big soft preztel was yummy.

Personally-and as you may know about me-a restaurant lives and dies with it’s breakfast. I have not had the pleasure of  breaking my fast at the Church yet, but I will.

Maybe you should, too.

The gleaming equipment at the Church Brewing Company

The gleaming equipment at the Church Brewing Company


What You Need to Know about the Church Brewing Company

  • Find them at 329 Main St, Wolfville, NS
  • Open 7  days a week from 10 am-11 pm
  • Looking for a private room for a meeting? The Church brewing Company has one
  • Soon to be open is a retail shop selling tee shirts and other sundries, along with their craft beer.
  • As with many dreams which blossom and grow quickly, there are and will be adjustments to make and bugs to iron out- wait times for food was one concern I’ve heard. But these are being addressed as speedily as possible and with respect to the customer, so I feel this will be one reason the Church will be here for years to come