We Hiked Cape Split-and Lived to Tell About It. - Hello Weekend ','

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To all the visitors who asked me about Cape Split at the Visitor Centre.
I lied.
It’s much more hilly then I remembered.
Last weekend, a friend and I hiked Cape Split.

Hiked Camp Split
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Cape Split Provincial Park Reserve is a 447-hectare with a 12.5 km  trail rimming its northern edge. There are signs at the beginning and all over the web that insist this trail is 16 km..but I measured the sucker with my Tom Tom  and it was just over 6 km each way. I hobbled the trail with my arthritic knee -believe me, I would warn you if it were longer.  I am guesstimating it took us about 5 hours..but we dawdled . We climbed trees. We took pictures. We tried to break into a locked washroom. (Shh). We were slow hiking up the hills- there was mutinous mutterings coming from behind me- and just as slow coming back down them. To my credit, I didn’t take a header or land on my backside.
It was a perfect day. The threatened 5 mm of rain did not appear.

The trail was mostly dry, and fairly wide, with some roots and rocks strategically placed here and there to see if you were paying attention. 
The washroom we were  trying to break into…er, looking at, was halfway along. And locked.Note to the Province of Nova Scotia-more toilets,please.  We can’t all wait until we get back to the trail head. No, I am not a sissy about going in the woods, but that 400 plus hectare parcel of land is mostly hardwood and without foliage in April and therefore without privacy .And it is a VERY well hiked trail. You’d take your chances.
And by the way, the ladies washroom at the trail head was a B. The men’s-yes, I checked- was a D. But it is early in the season, so I supposed I should cut them some slack.
 Hiked Cape Split