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Ahh, summer. It’s finally here! Well, I think it is-it’s here today anyway.One can never be sure in Nova Scotia
At any rate, we are getting ready for a week at a cottage. And although I should know by now, I always wonder what I should pack so as to not forget anything I may need.

I’ll need to consider the weather forecast-which may or may not be correct. According to the weather we have had this far this ‘summer’, we may need woolly pants, a bug jacket or/and a swim suit. It may rain. Hell, it could even snow.

What does everyone want to do? With any luck there will be no wifi, but then that means a few activities  should be planned. We sometimes have a night time poker game, but all that really means is I lose early and get to go to bed.Reading? Bonfires? Swimming? Kayaking? Fishing? Knitting? Napping, napping and more napping?

How many people will be going and what  do they like to eat ? What can be quick and easy to get ready for a meal? Who may be willing to cook a meal  and how skilled are they? How old are they? This year, I will have my baby grandson there, and I’m sorry, but I will be very busy the entire time playing with him. Peanut butter sandwiches it is, then.

So, I sat down and created somewhat of a list that I’m gonna share with you- feel free to add other items that you take in the comments below.

Click the link below for a printable list to take to the store with you

What to Bring for a Week at the Cottage .

Food list for a week at the Cottage


Essentials for a week at the Cottage

Clothing for a week at the Cottage
Clothing for a week at the Cottage

I’d be very interested to know what you pack when you get ready for a week away at a cottage. And if there are any tips and tricks you have that make that week go smoothly-all help is appreciated!