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Wild in Nature Membership Registration

How Would You Like To Be More Confident, Adventurous and Empowered?

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And in the process:

  • Become more active ? Join us on hikes and outings where you don’t feel pressured to rush-we believe in ‘No Gal Left Behind ‘
  • Meet like -minded people and make new friends. Our groups support and cheer on each other
  • Gain Confidence by getting out of your comfort zone? We will help and encourage you  to try those new things you’ve always wanted to try.
  • Have fun. There’s no doubt about it-we have ALOT of laughs.

Membership to Wild In Nature has it's benefits: Special outings such as kayaking, biking, and retreats (Cost to members) Receive a discount 5% on all specialty hikes and retreats. Exclusive discounted access to online courses The… Click To Tweet

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After signing up, you may receive occasional special offers and news of upcoming events. We will never share or sell your email. Read our privacy policy here.  You may opt out at any time and have 30 days to receive a complete refund if not satisfied.**No Gal Left Behind’ means we go at a pace everyone can manage. We aren’t in a hurry, instead taking time to  enjoy views , take pictures and get to know one another. That doesn’t mean there won’t be physical challenges- we will just tackle it together!


I’m Susan Carey, blogger, hike and retreat leader and grandma. I wanted to start Hello Weekend, no only to showcase what beauty we have in Nova Scotia, but also to prove you can do physical stuff-and enjoy it-at any age, providing you are physically capable
I’m old enough to get a  pension, but that doesn’t mean I have thrown my hiking boots in the corner.

Life’s way too short to miss out of the experiences of great outdoors-and it doesn’t have to matter if you are young or young at  heart, out of shape or out of touch,  scared, lonely or lacking confidence, doing stuff with a supportive group will help with all of that!

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